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Pure Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils
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We make no claims that these blends cure disease or have medicinal value. The FDA's view of Essential Oils is that they are aromatic botanicals that have not been proven to cure disease. We agree with this premise. We offer these blends as simple complements to any other course of action taken to feel a bit better and more balanced. Essential Oils should never be taken internally.

Our therapeutic-grade oils can work wonders to bring balance to one's entire being. Our Aromatherapist has hand-picked oils from around the world, assuring that we only stock the "Creme de la Creme" of available oils. To make blending oils easier we sell the oils for the same price. That is why you will see 3% in jojoba oil next to some oils. It also allows users a more practical way to own some precious oils like Rose or Neroli that sell for $350 per 1/4 oz. The 3% oils are still quite fragrant. Since Aromatherapy requires only a few drops of oil to be effective you still receive the benefits imparted by the plant oils. In the store we do have some 100% precious oils in stock. By blending essential oils you may naturally address many of the slings and arrows our bodies are subjected to. 

Atlas Cedarwood                 

(Cedarus Atlantica)  MOROCCO


(Ocimum Basilicum)  COMMORES
Bergamot                            (Citrus Bergama)ITALY
Black Pepper                      (Piper Nigrum)SHRI LANKA

Camomile  3% in Jojoba oil


 (anthemis nobilis) BULGARIA
Cedarwood  (juniperus virginiana) USA
Cinnamon (cinnamomum zeylanicum)MADAGASCAR
Clary Sage  FRANCE  
Eucalyptus AUSTRALIA
Geranium  EGYPT
Jasmine(3%)    France  
Lavender CROATIA
Lemongrass SPAIN
Lemon  USA
Mandarin .ITALY
Marjoram SPAIN
Neroli  (3%)  ITALY
Patchouli  INDONESIA
Peppermint  USA
Rose(3%) . MOROCCO
Rosemary  TUNISIA
Tangerine  USA
Thyme  SPAIN
Vanilla(3%)  GUATEMALA
Vetiver HAITI
Ylang Ylang  COMMORES


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